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For us to help you, we need to know which of the services that we offer that you would like to know more about. Please read the descriptions of the programs and services we offer below, and then select the ones you’re interested in and then we can get started crafting a custom plan just for you!

 First-Time Homebuyers

We work to help you reach your goals and dreams of owning a home through our education and counseling services.

I am interested in taking a person homebuyer education class and haven't taken a class in the past 2 years.

 Credit Success

Credit Success is a program that offers free one-on-one counseling and monthly workshops to anyone in the community who is looking for support and guidance as to how they can reach their financial goals. Whether you want to buy a house or a car, pay off your student loan debt, or understand how to build your credit, Way Finders is here to help.

I am interested in taking a class and counseling to help me improve my credit, savings and create a budget.

 Current Homeowners

We offer many servicers for Homeowners including Foreclosure preventing counseling, general Post-purchase counseling, and Credit Success counseling.

I may lose my home and am looking for assistance to determine my options.

Are you a current homeowner and looking to brush up on your skills?

 Landlord Education

We offer education, counseling and resources to support those in need of housing, but also to those who provide it. We want you to be successful as a landlord. We’ll help you understand landlord rights and responsibilities and provide access to the available programs that extend the benefits of long-term, stable tenancy for both tenants and landlords.

Are you looking to become a landlord? This group education workshop includes an overview of basic residential rental property management in Massachusetts that provides an introduction to the Massachusetts laws that govern the rental relationship. Important for all owners of rental properties, including owners of 2-4 family homes.

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